Legacy of Fire

Last of the Troglodytes
Garglers, Trog Chiefs and a back door

Moonday 11th Desnus 4712

  • Uncursing day

Toilday 12th Desnus 4712

  • Back to the troglodyte warrens
  • I don’t think stairs are supposed to work this way
  • Where’s Waldo (now with shovels)
  • Is the entire party supposed to fit in a 5’ square?
  • The troglodytes outside might have heard us coming…
  • Gargler attacks… eventually. Gibbering Mouthers don’t run very fast do they?
  • Chief of the Trogs, dies cursing the party!

Wealday 13th Desnus 4712

  • Back to the Trog warrens, lets see what’s behind barracade door number 2
  • Trig’s butterfly goes walkabout and finds a Gnoll (glowing butterflys are apparently less stealthy than expected.

Next time – the party follows – these monsters probably aren’t going to be surprised either!

Smells like troglodyte spirit
Critical misses cause damage to relationships (and PCs)

Sunday 7th Desnus 4712

  • Clearing the above ground temple
  • Man sized droppings – what could possibly go wrong? SNAKE!
  • I wonder what’s in this gatehouse? Are warning shot supposed to hurt this much?
  • These lizardy things small awful, but don’t seem that dangerous…
  • Somebody dropped a chunk of building on us, that seems less than friendly
  • They’re throwing meat at us? Here come their guard lizards!
  • Waldo needs to do just one more room (otherwise he’s poisoned himself)
Epic battle session - part 2
We'd better level after this

Fireday 8th Desnus 4712 cont’d (again)

  • The bad guys got reinforcements – are you sure that is an Air Elemental, it looks pretty dark
  • More reinforcements – we should run away now
  • Haven’t we run away yet?
  • We were going to save the fireballs for a boss, we could run away!?
  • Massive carnage
  • Down to the last spells and nobodys dead yet!

Starday 9th Desnus 4712

  • How much rest do you need to recover 8 points of strength damage?
Under the House of the Beast

Fireday 8th Desnus 4712 cont’d

  • fought scorpion
  • Zak learns that standing next to Belle’s swarm is dangerous (maybe that’s why they call that lizard hide)
  • Down the stairs
  • Waldo leaps off the stairs
  • Gnolls on Hyenadons! Are gnolls supposed to crit this often?
  • Did that guy just throw a head at me?
  • Waldo gets a battle manicure
  • To be continued
House of the Beast - Main Entrance
I'll just sneak up these steps....

Sunday, 3rd Desnus 4712

Fireday, 8th Desnus 4712

  • Arrive at house of the beast
  • Waldo sneaks in (disguised as a gnoll) to scout the temple, please note it isn’t that he’s happy to see you, there’s a mockingfey up his kilt to summon reinforcements when the plan goes to pot
  • The plan goes to pot, or poisoned caltrops of gnoll summoning cunningly disguised as the ‘even stairs’, as in ‘even the stairs are trying to kill us’!
  • West entrance cleared of gnolls, those who aren’t killed are sent off to bring back reinforcements
  • South Entrance opened, Belle becomes a dog to crawl down the rabbit hole and find a crazy goblin (as opposed to all the stable goblins) in the basement
  • What’s behind this door that the gnolls feel a need to keep barred? Oh, so that’s where they got all the scorpion venom from!

Next time – initiative

One year in Kelmarane

Oathday, 13th Sarenith 4711 AR (continued)

  • Why is there a cave with double doors in the church basement?
  • Didn’t we kill that Janni with the axe earlier?
  • Exactly how big is this thing?
  • Now it is an insecty thingy, when did that happen?
  • Killed the Daemon Xulthos in the basement of the church
  • Where did those pillars come from? Wasn’t this a cave a few minutes ago?

One year in kelmarane

  • Trig spends the year as an administrator, working with Almah Roveshki and [[:garavelnpc | Garavel]] to organize the rebuilding of kelmarane into a trading post once more.
  • Waldo decides (eventually) to make inroads with the criminal underbelly of Kelmarane and spends some time (and money) becoming less Ninja, more Alchemist.
  • Zak spends his year helping to rebuild the village, finding a cool new toy in the process.
  • ptolemy grows mold! As the new, improved moldspeaker he can make a moldy sword.

Next – is anything going to happen in 4712. Why didn’t we reach 20th level in less than a year like all the other parties?

Under the Church
Fire from the well

Oathday, 13th Sarenith 4711 AR

  • Ninjalchemist down the well
  • Ptolemy bangs a gong, doors open, Waldo falls and firey Angels come to play
  • Adventurers prove immune to moral questions in looting the Reliquary – desire for decorative magical trinkets trumps fear of Sarenrae
  • Coffer corpses show up and fall down (though not before throat hugging) the bait
  • Ending in the hall, before a double door, hidden down in a well and guarded by corpses, what could possibly go wrong?
Shrine of Nethys
Gassed up at the shrine

Toilday, 11th of Sarenith (continued)

  • GM unpreparedness
  • Mysterious unidentifiable “creatures with really long arms that like to choke things” go full throttle on the Ninjalchemist
  • 4 freeze dried potions
  • Magic sliding doors that open/close
  • Confusing vapors of magic enhancement
  • Wereleopard on a floating barge
  • Viper of ineffectiveness and ineffectuality
  • That spell book seems to be holding up the ceiling…

Wealday, 12th of Sarenith

  • Filling our spell books
  • Leveling up
Statuary assault
Sphinx vs Sphinx

Toilday, 11th of Sarenith

  • Nina moves on with Haleen
  • Pathfinder society sends Trig and Pie (her loyal peidolon) to investigate what happened at Kelmarane
  • The party, reduced to only occasional starting characters, investigates the shrine of Nethys
  • Spiders assault the party in a room full of pillars
  • Wicked faded special effects
  • Don’t touch the statues!
  • Wooden sphinxes animate and assault the party! Sphinx vs. Sphinx!
Kardswann song
The battlemarket on drugs

Sunday 9th Sarenrith – still Morning

Can we burn it?

Searched the battlemarket

Let Jank the jester run away

Moved up to the 3rd floor
4 gnolls, Flind and Kardswann

Gnolls with Bows!
Sword envy
Heated metal
Everybody falls down
Mirror healing

Timely rescue


What do you mean I’m not proficient in flindbar?

Searching for stuff

Smugglers promoted to merchants, War on drugs (and dealers) declared

Almah takes over the battlemarket – hints at a darker secret behind the whole mission, but says the party must go forth and level

Next up Shrine of Nethys


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