Legacy of Fire

First Meeting

1st Sarenth (Starday)

Gathered together by Garavel you arrived at the Sultan’s Claw to find fire and choas and omens. One of your number was struck by the Cyclone, a Harrow card signifying a force controlled by an unseen hand, leaving war, fire and destruction in its wake.

Putting out fires, calming animals, dragging wagons and healing the wounded you quickly restored calm to the camp.

Despite your heroic efforts you were too late to save the life of Almah’s fortune teller Eloais, whose wagon was burned. Suspecting foul play, you find yourselves assigned the role of investigators.

Is one of your new companions an arsonist and murderer?

You must solve the mystery quickly, so you can get on to a task more suited to your skills, reclaiming the village of Kelmarane from the evil forces of the Carrion King!

How unlucky!
Investigating the fire

Guards were talked to, goats were threatened, halflings were persecuted, Hadrah said `bup`, conspiracy theories proved true and gnomes fell out of the sky!

During the investigation into the cause of the fire Nassar had a `bup`tacular disagreement with Hadrah. The safe return of Rombard the goat will hopefully help rebuild their relationship.

Despite the monumental efforts of the party, they were unable to place blame for the fire on the obviously (to them anyway) guilty party – the shifty red-headed halfling cleric Father Zastoran. Almah`s strange desire for evidence eventually led them to pursue the fragrant Dashki`s Pugwampi theory.

Following tiny footprints into the desert, the party found the missing goat Rombard in a forest of thorns. The Pugwampi hiding in the thorns cursed the party with terrible luck. Laces were tripped over, pants fell to the ground, Wizkin tried to hurl hismelf 50 feet into the air! How unlucky! After this the gnomish motto `if your going to fail, fail spectacularly` was firmly established.

Returning with the body of the Pugwampi they completed their investigation. Dashki kept the tiny creatures the head on a stick as a trophy, waving it around at every opportunity, sadly the rotting head couldn`t make him smell any worse…

2nd Sarenth (Sunday)

Next up was the assault on the Monestary of St.Vardishal to clear out their new basecamp. Glad for the change of pace, the party charged in, only to find – more of the dreaded pugwampis. The combat was won after great effort, although most of the effort was devoted to creating a spectacular explosions of gnoll skulls…

The assault on the Monestary is hardly begun, will the party uncover more pugwampis or something even worse?

Upper Chapel
The Balad of Mistmaker

2nd Sarenth (Sunday)

After ransacking the chapel and deciding the holy toilet paper probably wasn’t the ‘good’ treasure, the party turns its attention to the chapel’s upper level. Up the ladder they go, only to find tiny arrows raining down upon them – the pugwampis strike again.

Nina earned herself a place in pugwampi lore as ‘The Mistmaker’ demonstrating that a really big sword can really make a mess out of tiny fey. When the tiny gremlins wisely retreated out of her reach, she turned their own weapons against them firing a tiny short bow like the worlds angriest cupid.

Rotted floors and beams helped the party to prove that gravity isn’t just for gnomes anymore! Wizkin Geogrill tried his best to fall from another roof, barely managing to jump clear of the holes he created by stepping on roten boards, but this time he was shown up – Belle’s companion Hide was the first to fall! The chameleon was almost followed to the ground by gravity’s favorite gnome, but it was Nina’s stylish landing in a sea of gnoll skulls earned her this weeks ‘ahhhhhhhh thud’ trophy and the envy of gnomes everywhere.

Nasser, triumphantly flew near many pugwampi, managing back to back critical failures. Sadly even this monumental achievement was marred as he unsuccessfully tried to shatter his own non-existent armour.

Tiny arrows, a wallcrawling lizard, fly-by gnomes, splashes of acid and slung stones were hurled at the Pugwampi horde, but still they wouldn’t die. When the hundred years battle was finally complete the party remained standing, with slightly more scars and healing to their name. It was time to loot the papery nest, but wait, there was still more thrilling combat to come!

King Mokknokk (a.k.a. Pugwampi the Hutt) rose from his throne (and its immediate environs) to defend his people (or their memory as many of them were already misted) and waved his magical hammer at Nina. Basking in the cool relaxing breeze the party took their time before finally eliminating the Pugwampi threat – hopefully forever. Collecting their non-poisonous loot from under the throne the party moved on.

Non-poisonous statues of a bearded, revered and feared, Saint of Serenrae (with Pale Mountain in the background) were found just outside the chapel, and far more importantly a non-poisonous secret door!

Behind the secret door was a secret garden overrun by non-poisonous weeds! The garden contained another non-poisonous secret door. The party stands ready to reveal the secret garden’s, secret door’s secrets, but until next time those secrets must remain… secret (and potentially poisonous).

Clearing the Monestary
She's got fungus

2nd Sarenth (Sunday)

The party gives blood. Going through the secret door our fearless heroes encounter a trio of stirges. Nina, Avrum and Belle participate in the blood drive before the threat is misted.

3rd Sarenth (Moonday)
Hidden stairwell

Nina inspects slime and it tries to eat her

Belle joins a fungusy club

Wizkin finds some eggs

Nasar’s bat lays down on the job (on the non-poisonous ground)

Everyone levels up

Scouting Kelmarane
Huecuva time in the Graveyard

4th Sarenth (Toilday)

Wizkin Geogrill (gravity’s favorite gnome) goes off an a secret mission for Almah, will we ever see him (and that magical mace he ran off with) again?

Waldo the Ninjalchemist (of the militant arm of the pathfinder society) joins the party.

Almah sends to party to scout the ruins of Kelmarane – to plan and execute gurellia attacks on the villages gnoll masters.

While looking for a secure area within the confines of the city the party decides to investigate the old church, sneaking through the graveyard the run into Halrunn and have a huecuva good time ending the former High Priest of Serenrae’s undeath. In the process a giant chameleon discovers he can’t hide from filth fever!

Waldo tries to lure a pack of Gnoll guards into an ambush, only to discover that the Gnolls are afraid of the graveyard at night. Silly superstitious gnolls! Eventually the party manages to slay the patrol and returns to the monastery for a well earned rest.

The giant spider living in the collapsed tower adjacent to the party’s quarter also had some ideas about the party resting in peace. Night shrouded screams of ‘A spider! A spider!’ woke most of the party as it dropped from the ceiling on Avrum. Unable to find a piece of paper large enough to transport the spider safely outside the party was forced to slay the fanged beast.

Further interrupting their sleep the party heard the Howl of the Carrion King, a nightly scream from kelmarane, soon answered by a fainter scream from somewhere on Pale Mountain.

Kelmarane part deux

5th Sarenth (Wealday)

Fought the pig

Immediately followed by a patrol

Back to the monestary

6th Sarenth (Oathday)
Clearing the outer village on day 3

Ending at noon

Death in the family

6th Sarenth (Oathday)
Noon 3rd day after the monestary was cleared

6 Gnolls kill (unpleasently) a human (Andrus of the Lions of Senara) in the battle market square as the party returns to the monestaryto shake up its membership.

Nassar Geogrill departs to seek his brother. Zak an Elf wiard from the Mwangi expanse joins the company. He is a devote follower of Nethys planning to restore the shrine near Kelmarane.

Waldo decides to sneak into the battle-market hoping to gauge the enemies strength, leaping from the roof of a nearby palace to a ledge on the third floor of the battle market he peeks inside. Gazing into the interior of the battle market, he sees empty shops, a central stage and the chief opposition sitting on three thrones on the third floor balcony. A flind (stronger gnoll variant) and a harpy sit on either side of a 7’ tall bald human? with a massive axe and and otherworldly appearance. A bunk-room with 8 beds, inhabited by gnolls is also seen before Waldo wisely retreats with his intelligence. While he was away the rest of the party encounters a gnoll patrol, the last member falling in the doorway to the battle market – close call.

Fearing pursuit the party returns to the monestary by a different route, through the pesh fields. A group of 4 gnolls, possibly following the party to lure them into a trap, also enter the fields. Dragging a bound human man with them they beat the ground, then beat a hasty retreat. The party runs over to rescue the bound figure second before the earth falls away below them revealing the gaping maw and grabbing tentacles of a dust-digger. After a difficult (and explosive) battle the battered dust digger retreats, but not before securing a meal – Avrum was devoured! The bound man Oxvard a humorless Cleric of Abadar (and member of the Lions of Senara) returns with the party, taking up residence with them and binding their wounds.

7th Sarenth (Fireday)
4th day after the monestary was cleared

Joined by a new party member – a cleric (not Oxvard), no wait its a monk, though he may be a different cleric (still not Oxvard) entirely tomorrow… the party returns to Kelmarane, but not until they deal with the monestary’s newest inhabitant – a viscous Geier (big vulturey thing). Geier eggs handed off to Hadrod to care for (and not serve as breakfast), the party set off for town.

Hyenas and a gnoll archer attack as the party approaches the gatehouse. Making quick work of the opposition the party moves on the investigate a manor house with a good view of the mill and tannery across the river.

Investigating the stables next door the party finds another member of the Lions of Senara who is also a member of the Pathfinder Society Felliped the bard hiding out. The bard provides the party some information about the inhabitants of the nearby buildings, spins some tales and generally annoys them as he follows them around for the rest of the day. The quick fall of the giant mamba gives the party enough confidence to bring the fight to the mill – the peryton is next. The mist-shrouded battle was hard fought, filled with disturbing shadows and dramatic running away. The party’s weapons unable to cut the creature deeply slowly chipped away at the flying monstrosity. Confused by the teleporting yo-yo attacks of the wizard Zak and the changing nature of the cleric no wait monk, annoyed by the bard, assaulted by barbarian rage and ninjaclchemist steel the peryton eventually fell.

Returning to base, the party wonders what new assaults (and characters) this night will bring.

Battle at the Battlemarket

Starday 8th Sarenrith – Night
Gnolls from the Three Jaws tribe show up at the Monestary. Dashki (who seems to know them) says these are the good gnolls and long time rivals of the Kuldis gnolls of Kelmarane.

Hargk, speaking on behalf of their chieftain Narg, proposes an alliance against the gnolls of Kelmarane.

We will slay their leaders and and eat their young together!

Sunday 9th Sarenrith – Morning
Alliance formed, although the party was less enthusiastic about the young eating, the party went to attack the Battle Market with their 5 gnoll allies, whom Almah has requested not survive the assault.

Splitting into two groups the bulk of party executed a frontal assault on the patrons in the bar while Hide and Waldo attacked from the roof. After stage diving bombs and swashbuckling swings into combat (may need to work on the landing though) Waldo and his lizard bodyguard eventually dropped to the floor to assist the rest of the party cleaning up the bar.

After terrifying the goblin (dressed as a jester) the party delivered a bar fight unlike any others. Pits were formed, bugbears beheaded and an ogre was annihilated. Then the gnoll backup arrived and started to fight through the fog of war to get to the party!

Having finished the bar fight the party must decide what to do next, clear the rest of the first floor, or pursue those who left the party – Kardswann mouth of the Carrion King, Chieftain of the Kulldis tribe (aka the big janni guy with an axe) and his flind companion up on the third… or maybe they’ll explore the second floor instead!

Kardswann song
The battlemarket on drugs

Sunday 9th Sarenrith – still Morning

Can we burn it?

Searched the battlemarket

Let Jank the jester run away

Moved up to the 3rd floor
4 gnolls, Flind and Kardswann

Gnolls with Bows!
Sword envy
Heated metal
Everybody falls down
Mirror healing

Timely rescue


What do you mean I’m not proficient in flindbar?

Searching for stuff

Smugglers promoted to merchants, War on drugs (and dealers) declared

Almah takes over the battlemarket – hints at a darker secret behind the whole mission, but says the party must go forth and level

Next up Shrine of Nethys

Statuary assault
Sphinx vs Sphinx

Toilday, 11th of Sarenith

  • Nina moves on with Haleen
  • Pathfinder society sends Trig and Pie (her loyal peidolon) to investigate what happened at Kelmarane
  • The party, reduced to only occasional starting characters, investigates the shrine of Nethys
  • Spiders assault the party in a room full of pillars
  • Wicked faded special effects
  • Don’t touch the statues!
  • Wooden sphinxes animate and assault the party! Sphinx vs. Sphinx!

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