Legacy of Fire

House of the Beast - Main Entrance

I'll just sneak up these steps....

Sunday, 3rd Desnus 4712

Fireday, 8th Desnus 4712

  • Arrive at house of the beast
  • Waldo sneaks in (disguised as a gnoll) to scout the temple, please note it isn’t that he’s happy to see you, there’s a mockingfey up his kilt to summon reinforcements when the plan goes to pot
  • The plan goes to pot, or poisoned caltrops of gnoll summoning cunningly disguised as the ‘even stairs’, as in ‘even the stairs are trying to kill us’!
  • West entrance cleared of gnolls, those who aren’t killed are sent off to bring back reinforcements
  • South Entrance opened, Belle becomes a dog to crawl down the rabbit hole and find a crazy goblin (as opposed to all the stable goblins) in the basement
  • What’s behind this door that the gnolls feel a need to keep barred? Oh, so that’s where they got all the scorpion venom from!

Next time – initiative



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