Legacy of Fire

One year in Kelmarane

Oathday, 13th Sarenith 4711 AR (continued)

  • Why is there a cave with double doors in the church basement?
  • Didn’t we kill that Janni with the axe earlier?
  • Exactly how big is this thing?
  • Now it is an insecty thingy, when did that happen?
  • Killed the Daemon Xulthos in the basement of the church
  • Where did those pillars come from? Wasn’t this a cave a few minutes ago?

One year in kelmarane

  • Trig spends the year as an administrator, working with Almah Roveshki and [[:garavelnpc | Garavel]] to organize the rebuilding of kelmarane into a trading post once more.
  • Waldo decides (eventually) to make inroads with the criminal underbelly of Kelmarane and spends some time (and money) becoming less Ninja, more Alchemist.
  • Zak spends his year helping to rebuild the village, finding a cool new toy in the process.
  • ptolemy grows mold! As the new, improved moldspeaker he can make a moldy sword.

Next – is anything going to happen in 4712. Why didn’t we reach 20th level in less than a year like all the other parties?



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