Legacy of Fire

Last of the Troglodytes

Garglers, Trog Chiefs and a back door

Moonday 11th Desnus 4712

  • Uncursing day

Toilday 12th Desnus 4712

  • Back to the troglodyte warrens
  • I don’t think stairs are supposed to work this way
  • Where’s Waldo (now with shovels)
  • Is the entire party supposed to fit in a 5’ square?
  • The troglodytes outside might have heard us coming…
  • Gargler attacks… eventually. Gibbering Mouthers don’t run very fast do they?
  • Chief of the Trogs, dies cursing the party!

Wealday 13th Desnus 4712

  • Back to the Trog warrens, lets see what’s behind barracade door number 2
  • Trig’s butterfly goes walkabout and finds a Gnoll (glowing butterflys are apparently less stealthy than expected.

Next time – the party follows – these monsters probably aren’t going to be surprised either!



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