Pathfinder Society

The Pathfinder Society has existed for more than 400 years. Members include treasure hunters, explorers, tomb raiders, historians, and vagabonds, and they roam the farthest reaches of the world seeking lost relics of world-shattering power and answers to riddles older than the gods. These heroes brave vine-choked jungle ruins, ascend snow-capped peaks, and comb sun-seared desert sands in search of buried tombs and monuments of bygone ages.
Society members send records of their exploits to their venture-captain superiors, who in turn review them for accuracy before forwarding the manuscripts to the leaders of the Pathfinder Society.

Goal Explore and Report

Gaining Prestige
Completing their missions without destroying anything priceless along the way and sending in reports. Members may gain more prestige if their adventures are published in a volume of the Pathfinder Chronicles.

1 Fame +5 circumstance bonus on one knowledge check (1 hour) while in lodge.
10 Fame Faction spell-casting at 1 PP discount
20 Fame Free passage on caravans and merchant vessels friendly to pathfinder society
20 Fame Purchase magic items (up to 10,000gp) at 10% discount at pathfinder lodge


1 PP (0 min Fame) Copy a common spell from the Grand Lodge Library
2 PP (0 min Fame) Bone wayfinder (divine focus for druids and rangers)
2 PP (0 min Fame) Holy symbol wayfinder (divine focus)
2 PP (0 min Fame) Jade wayfinder (guidance instead of light)
4 PP (0 min Fame) Trapped wayfinder (DC 20 find, DC 25 disable poison needle trap reset manual)
5 PP (0 min Fame) Adamantine wayfinder (very hard to damage)
5 PP (0 min Fame) Diamond Inlay wayfinder (+2 circumstance bonus on diplomacy w. merchants and aristocrats -2 if they oppose the pathfinder society)
5 PP (0 min Fame) Messenger wayfinder (message instead of light)
10 PP (0 min Fame) Dayfinder (daylight 1/day 1 minute)
1 PP (5 min Fame) Replace 1 trait with a pathfinder society trait
5 PP (5 min Fame) Gain a contact in a particular city +2 bonus on knowledge checks regarding city (24 hours)
10 PP (Contact) Contact bonus increases to +4
2 PP (15 min Fame) Access special section in Grand Lodge library for 1 week +10 circumstance on one knowledge check.
6 PP (20 min Fame) Access hidden cache in wilderness area (food, water, weapons, equipment, spell components up to 375g) (2d6 x 10 minutes)
1 PP (40 min Fame) Famous Pathfinder +2 on bluff, diplomacy and intimidate checks when target knows of your fame

Pathfinder Society

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