Religious Faction

Each god claims at least one facet of existence as his exclusive domain. These areas of interest grant the gods not only untold power but also infinite responsibility, and they need all the help they can get to further their agendas, expand their influence, and overcome rival deities. With so much on the line, and given the sorts of rewards gods can grant their most devoted servants, it is not surprising that many mortals choose to bend their knees to a god instead of pledging allegiance to some petty warlord or minor kingdom.

Goal Spread the Faith

Gaining Prestige
Establishing or restoring a shrine, converting worshipers, protecting the faithful, eliminating enemies, generous donations and promoting the gods ares of interest are common ways to gain prestige in a church.

10 Fame Minor favor from lower level member of the faith. (10gp value or 1 weeks service) 1 per month
15 Fame Spend CPA to influence or bargain with outsiders serving the characters god, 1 PP = 500 gp
20 Fame Purchase religion-appropriate magic items at 10% discount


1 PP (0 min Fame) Purchase consectate (24 hours duration)
1 PP (0 min Fame) Purchase imbue with spell ability
1 PP (0 min Fame) Purchase speak with dead (faithful only)
3 PP (0 min Fame) Purchase hallow (additional 3 PP per level of spell included)
4 PP (0 min Fame) Purchase heroes feast
1+ PP (10 min Fame) inspire faithful (#targets = character level * PP spent) morale bonus attack, saves OR skill checks equal to (Fame / 10)
3 PP (10 min Fame) assistance of specialist (faithful with max level less than half character level) for 1 week
10 PP (10 min Fame) assistance of a master (any faithful NPC of lower level) for 1 week
1 PP (20 min Fame) +6 bonus on one skill check related to the gods interest
3 PP (20 min Fame) temporary service of an outsider up to 12HD as if using planar ally , negotiations not included
+15 PP (30 min Fame) immediately gain benefit of a spell while acting in the gods interests

Rewards for Specific Dieties:
Abadar (3 PP) Blessing of Civilization +2 circumstance bonus on Bluff, Diplomacy, and Knowledge (local) checks within a specific city. You may gain this benefit multiple times, applying it to a different city each time.

Asmodeus (5 PP) Specialized slave as a temporary cohort for a number of days equal to your Fame / 5.

Calistria (5 PP) Ritual of 100 Stings (1 hour, 1d6 con damage). Intimidate and Stealth as class skills OR disguise self 1/day (caster level = character level), OR a +2 resistance bonus vs. poison. You may undergo the ritual more than once selecting a different benefit each time.

Cayden Cailean (5 PP) Gauntlet of Inebriation (1 week) gain the title “mead brother” and gain Toughness as a bonus feat.

Desna (2 PP) Grace of the Spheres reroll 1 d20 roll. You must take the result of that second roll. (1 use)

Erastil (5 PP) Extraordinary bow shots. When using a bow, you gain the Far Shot feat. If you already possess this feat, you gain a +2 competence bonus on any bow attack made at more than one range increment.

Gorum (4 PP) Vision in Iron next time you are reduced to fewer than 0 hp, heal 2d8+3 hp (1 use)

Gozreh (6 PP) Blessing of the Wild. Select a terrain (ranger’s favored terrain list) +2 circumstance bonus on Knowledge (nature), Perception, and Survival checks within this terrain. You may gain this benefit multiple times, applying it to a different terrain type each time.

Iomedae (5 PP) Inheritor’s Grace if clad in full plate and carrying longsword and shield gain +2 sacred bonus on all mind-affecting saves.

Irori (4 PP) Inner focus 1/day (swift) +1 insight bonus on an attack roll. If you have any ki points gain 1 bonus ki point and can activate inner focus by spending 1 ki point (swift) instead.

Lamashtu (3 PP) Ritual of Seven Scars, branding yourself, Intimidate becomes a class skill; +1 save DC of fear effects.

Nethys (2 PP) You gain a +2 bonus on all concentration checks.

Norgorber (5 PP) Poison use ability, as per the assassin prestige class ability.

Pharasma (5 PP) Once per week mark the body of a creature that died within the last 10 minutes. If restored to life within 24 hours, it does not gain a negative level.

Rovagug (4 PP) Devastating blows +2 profane bonus on all rolls made to confirm critical hits; attacking an object with a two-handed weapon ignore 2 points of hardness.

Sarenrae (7 PP) Cast cure light wounds (SP) (caster level = character level) fame/10 times per day.

Shelyn (7 PP) Cast eagle’s splendor 1/day (SP) (caster level = character level).

Torag (3 PP) Access to a blessed forge at church +5 sacred bonus on Craft/Spellcraft checks when building metal armor & weapons (magical or mundane) the construction time / 2.

Urgathoa (5 PP) Ritual of Pallid Whispers gain the negative energy affinity.

Zon-Kuthon (4 PP) Embrace of Shadows (1 week) +2 profane bonus on Charisma-based checks in dim light.

Religious Faction

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