Katapesh (country)

From north to south the geography of Katapesh changes dramatically. From the gnoll plagued Brazen Peak Mountains of the north and west the landscape slowly unfolds. Badlands become green savannahs marked with tall trees, thin rivers and still pools. These fertile plains support herd animals and the lions and hyenas that prey upon them. Occasional jungles, warmed (and scarred) by sulfurous vents in the earth are scattered throughout the fertile north.

Farther south the lands dry up, as the green of the savannah gives way to the dusty arid desert. The desert, rather than the fertile savannah is the breadbasket of Katapesh, for only in the desert does pesh grow. The milk of these spiny cacti is harvested and fermented into the mildly addictive drug for which the country is famous.



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